XO Nano Mist Sprayer

Keeping your skin hydrated is the number one key to healthy skin! A good facial mist can not only keep...


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Keeping your skin hydrated is the number one key to healthy skin! A good facial mist can not only keep your skin hydrated but also keep your makeup looking glowy throughout the day! If you have naturally oily skin, facial mists can help balance out your oil production and keep your skin feeling fresh. If you suffer from overly dry skin , keeping this with you to pull out and occasionally mist with, will make a world of difference & your skin will appreciate it! Want to spice it up?! You can even hydrate with Scented mists that include essential oils, such as calming lavender or rose. *be cautious when adding scents according allergies* we also do not recommend adding scents for those with supersensitive skin. 


The nano-mister splits water into tiny nanometer particles to allow hydration to penetrate into the skin with greater absorption. Cool mist shrinks pores and tightens skin to seal out impurities and leave skin looking smoother. Use before make-up to ensure hydration, or after to refresh on the go!

1. Unscrew the water tank counterclockwise and fill tank with pure or filtered water.
2. Press button to power on your mister, your LED light should also turn on. Press again to turn off.
3. Make sure to keep mister upright during use. Hold about 4 inches away on a bare face, 6 inches away on top of make-up.
4. To charge, insert your USB charging cord into your mister while connected to a power source. Your LED light should be red when charging.
5. When the battery is too low, the mist dispensing will stop and the red LED light will begin blinking. After 30 seconds of blinking, it will turn off and the device will enter standby mode. Recharge device for 20 minutes to restore power and resume use.

It is recommended to use natural mineral water or filtered water. Do not use tap water, as the impurities will lead to build-up, blocking the spray port. If you want to add or infuse milk, essential oils and/or other liquids, please dilute with water at a 1:10 ratio. After adding water, gently shake the sprayer before using again. To clean, use a diluted alcohol solution and run mister until empty. Rinse tank with water, run mister with water for 10 seconds and continue normal use.

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